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Race, Church, and Child Advocacy


Agape Ranch's Founder and Executive Director, Susan Klaus, facilitates a panel discussion on race, church, and child advocacy.  Along with 5 other panelists, we aim to bring forth a productive conversation from a variety of perspectives on the aforementioned topics that is God honoring to discover tangible ways to support vulnerable children.

This conversation is ideal for anyone who operates in the child welfare arena including but not limited to foster and adoptive parents, respite care providers, advocates from both private and government sectors as well as individuals seeking to understand how to become more involved in answering the call to care for vulnerable children. We welcome you to learn more about current racial issues as it pertains directly to child welfare.


Pastor Don Leavell, Lead Pastor at Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship

Pastor Mike Fehlauer, Lead Pastor at New Life Church

Sarita Warrick, medical doctor and a respite care provider

Cliff Johnson, retired Navy officer

Melissa Faux, Director of Operations at Agape Ranch, respite care provider, and an adoptive mom

Susan Klaus, Founder & Executive Director at Agape Ranch, respite care provider, and an adoptive mom

Diversity Hair Care 

Many foster and adoptive families care for children who are of a race different than their own, and we believe that one of the ways that we can positively impact our families is by encouraging them with simple tips to clean, style, and celebrate ethnic hair.


Melissa Faux, Director of Operations at Agape Ranch, respite care provider, and an adoptive mom

Debra Cunningham, Agape Ranch Volunteer


The following local businesses assisted in the preparation of this workshop and have encouraged foster and adoptive families to visit for assistance.  Some are willing to offer free consultations.

Timbo Mack

Owner of So Addictive Hair Studio

Salons By JC 

Suite 32

Sally's Beauty Salon

1410 Airline Rd.

Corpus Christi, TX 78412

Kaes Emporium


5419 Everhart Rd.

Corpus Christi, TX 78411

Resources and Information on Creating a Diverse Home Library


Foster and adoptive families serve children from varying cultural and racial backgrounds, and Agape Ranch believes the inclusion of culturally diverse titles in your home library provides a great way to facilitate an understanding of the world around us and encourages a welcoming environment for the children we serve.  Click the icon below for a list of recommended titles for your home library.

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