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About Foster Family Camp

Register to join Agape Ranch August 12 - 14, 2022 for a family-style camp where foster families have the opportunity to enjoy meals, group activities, a Sunday morning church service, and overnight hotel-style lodging in private rooms in the Marshall Conference Center (see this camp map). One night option can be made available upon request.


This retreat is offered at a $50.00 total cost to the attending foster families through Agape Ranch. Agape Ranch has reserved up to 80 spots for this retreat weekend for licensed foster families with at least one placement at the time of registration. Children attending the event range between 0-17 years of age. Foster parents are responsible for all of their children at all times.

Weekend activities include an evening campfire, group games, visits to Happy’s Coffee Shop/Gift Shop, kayaking, swimming, and Sunday Morning Service.  The full retreat weekend details will be provided following registration.

Please complete the form below to register your family. In order to protect the children that we serve, we kindly request that you do not share registration information with other foster families.  Should they be interested in learning more, please have them contact Jessica Blakeslee, Program Coordinator, at

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