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Join us for the 2021 Legacy Gala: A Matter of Time
Saturday, September 25, 2021 from 6:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
Corpus Christi Country Club.

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During our evening together, we will learn about the progress of the first home at the Ranch, learn about the growth of our programs, and how we continue to support children and families. The evening will be filled with fun to include a silent auction, games, and inspiration as we embark on the next chapter of Agape Ranch and leave a better legacy for the youth in our community through love.


A place foster children and aged-out foster youth will call "Home"

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Ages 0 - 21


We Are Building a Neighborhood for Foster Children to Call Home

In South Texas, there aren’t enough homes for children to take refuge while their lives are in flux, so we’re mitigating that problem by building a literal neighborhood complete with homes, playgrounds, rec areas, and onsite respite care providers to love and support foster children. This will:

  • Keep sibling groups together.

  • Provide quick response respite care.

  • Provide housing for kids who have aged out of foster care.

Children deserve to have someone tuck them into bed each night, to help them with their homework, to teach them how to ride a bike, and to watch them grow up. However, there are children in the foster care system that haven’t been able to have some of these things. 


Through compassionate care and connection to the community, Agape Ranch gives these children places to call home and families that love them so that they can know that they are loved and valued.

Find out more about the three types of homes in the neighborhood at The Ranch.


Other Ways to Get Involved


Every year, Agape Ranch hosts our Adoption Connection event to help children in foster care find their forever home. Families looking to adopt are invited to meet, play, and talk to these children, and we need help putting it on. We need people who will financially contribute and volunteer at the event to help give these children forever homes.

Foster families face unique challenges when hosting children in the foster program that result in burnout for too many families. We train Respite Care Providers to enter into their world to give them much needed breaks, go on vacations, have date nights, and to give the children another adult that loves them.


There are a lot of families, regular and foster alike, that have a lot of needs they can’t meet on their own. Care Portal identifies those needs and connects families with people like you who want to help add some stability and care to avoid tragedy. Get connected on Care Portal today to make a difference.

Help Give Children A Place To Call Home & Families That Love Them

We need your help to break the cycle of tragedy, trauma, and heartbreak in the foster care system. Help us fund the neighborhood, so children can stop living in instability and start experiencing love and care. 

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