Due to COVID, DFPS has restricted travel and large group indoor gatherings.

What is Foster Parent Night Out?

Foster parents need a break from the day-to-day challenges that arise when raising foster children. Foster Parent Night Out is a FREE program that occurs three times a year and that allows foster parents to connect with their spouse or enjoy a child-free evening. In order to relieve the burden of having to find additional childcare helpers, this event welcomes foster parents to register their foster children, adopted children, and biological children. While the parents have a brief respite, the children spend time with certified respite care providers and childcare volunteers. Children engage in a variety of activities such as crafts, music, face painting, playtime, and movies. Since foster siblings are often separated, these evenings also provide an opportunity for them to reunite and spend time together.


How do I register my children to attend this program?

We work with our local child-placing agencies and caseworkers to invite any and all current foster families that they represent in the Coastal Bend to this program. All partnering child-placing agencies and caseworkers are given the flyer for families, as well as the information on how to register their families. If you are a current foster family that would like to participate in our Foster Parent Night Out programs, please contact your child-placing agency or caseworker and inquire about this program in order to get registered. If your child-placing agency or caseworker is not familiar with this program, please contact our Program Coordinator, Jessica Blakeslee at We will be thrilled to work with you and your child-placing agency to ensure that you can benefit from this program.

How can I best support this program?

This program does not function without the participation and support of the local community! Please read below the three ways you can best support this program:

1.Become a Respite Care Provider
This program cannot operate without a required ratio of certified respite care providers and foster children. By becoming a certified respite care provider, your training and CPR & First Aid certifications will contribute to providing the best care for the children in this program. To learn more about becoming certified and register to attend the next training, CLICK HERE.



Not only are we in need of certified respite care providers, but we are always looking for passionate childcare volunteers to assist in this program. Volunteers will not be left alone with the children without the presence of a certified respite care provider, as they are there to assist and learn. If you are interested in serving as a childcare volunteer for the upcoming Foster Parent Night Out programs, please sign up below.

3.Sponsor or Partner
We love working with local community partners to develop and grow this program with excellence! If you are a local organization, business, or church, that is interested in contributing to the following needs of this program, please contact our Director of Operations, Melissa Faux at

  • Host Location (A local church or location with adequate space for childcare for ages infant-17 years old.)

  • Volunteer Dinner (A local business willing to contribute to the appreciation meal for our childcare helpers.)

  • Activities (A local organization or business willing to contribute opportunities or activities for ages 3-5 and 6 & older.)

Thank You to Our Community Partners!