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The Thrive Program works directly with youth ages 16-23 that have or will age out of the foster care system. The youth are paired with a Thrive Coach who will help navigate the challenging stages of life an “aged out youth” may encounter.

What is an aged-out youth?

After turning 18, a majority of young adults, who were under the care of Child Protective Services, will transition out of the system.

Highlights from our Thrive Program.

How to become a Thrive Coach

Thrive Coach


What is a Thrive Coach?

A reliable and trustworthy adult, over the age of 25, that will be a support system for the aged-out youth.

How do I become a Thrive Coach?

Contact Our Team to begin the process. Requirements include

  • Approved Application

  • One-hour training

  • A 1:1 interview

  • Extensive background check

  • 2 reference checks

What is the time commitment of a Thrive Coach?

  • A 1-year commitment

  • 4-6 hours per month spent with the young adult

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