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Q & A from the Panel Discussion

Question: How many kids get sent back to parents?

Answer: This is a difficult question to answer. The goal of CPS is reunification with biological families. In the Coastal Bend, approximately half of the children in the conservatorship of CPS are with kinship placements. The other half are placed within the foster care system. Of the children in the foster care system, majority of the children will reunite with their biological families, whether that be with their parents or kinship.

Question: How many kids are put up for adoption?

Answer: We are uncertain as to how many children are waiting for adoption in the state of Texas. At the time of 2020 fiscal year for DFPS, within the eight counties that Agape Harbor serves in the Coastal Bend, there were 173 children waiting for adoption.

Question: When is there Respite Care Training?

Answer: Agape Ranch's City-Wide Respite Care Training is held on twice a year in January/February and August. You can register for our next training at Child Placing Agencies will separately offer respite care training. However, if you go through an independent CPA, you will only be able to provide respite care for that one specific CPA. If you go through Agape Ranch, you will be able to provide respite care for all foster parents who are licensed through any of our partnering CPA agencies.

Question: How can the local church come alongside local at-risk families? Practical ideas?

Answer: Two ways. One, have your church join Agape Ranch's CarePortal network. Your church will receive emails from CPS or Requesting Agencies so that your church can directly meet the needs of at-risk children in our community. Two, contact our team and join the Agape Acts Program. This is a team you can create within your church to meet the needs of foster families who are struggling and are in danger of burning out. By becoming an Agape Act's church, you may help with displacement of the foster children. We can be reached at

Question: How and what is needed to become a CASA - child advocate?

Answer: Join one of CASA of the Coastal Bend's 45 minute virtual Info Session, held Wednesdays at 12pm via Zoom to find out more!

Question: What does education look like for a foster child when you homeschool others?

Answer: Foster children must receive their education from an accredited educational system. For majority of the foster children, this means public school. If a foster family desire to place their foster children in an accredited private school, they must receive permission from their CPS worker and the tuition will be at the cost of the foster family.

Question: Children return back to their parents, can you still have relationship?

Answer: Depends. It must be determined as prudent judgement. In some cases, foster families have healthy long-term relationships with their former foster children. Other times, it may not be in the best interest of the children, biological family, or the foster family to continue the relationship. The determination should be made with the case workers and after considering all factors.