1. Work is being finalized on the first home on The Ranch.  Please pray for final details, including water hookups.

2. Pray with us as we apply for grants and seek networking opportunities throughout our community.  

3. Finalizing Planned Urban Development to begin work on the next two homes, one for the aging-out foster youth and another standard capacity home.


1. Wisdom in continuing to innovate our programs to best meet the needs of the foster children, youth, and families during this time of COVID.

2. Churches to continue catching the vision of Agape Ranch and be a part of God's calling to ake care of His children.


Interested in joining our team for prayer?  Beginning January 7, 2022, we will gather each Friday from 8:15 AM – 8:30AM.  Hot coffee and light refreshments will be available to go following prayer time. We will be systematically praying through The Christian Alliance for Orphans Foster Care Prayer Guide, which focuses on 24 groups of people to pray for in our community that impact the lives of vulnerable children in foster care.  This quick, but targeted prayer time is open to the community and we invite our partners, volunteers, foster parents, etc. to gather with us to intercede in prayer.


Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and current prayer focus.

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