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Program Coordinator

Kim Morales

Kim joined Agape Ranch in 2023 in our Program Coordinator role. She is passionate about planning events for foster families to have fun together and receive much needed support as well. She truly believes in kids and is intentional in affirming their value to help give them the confidence they need to flourish. If she could tell the world anything about Agape Ranch, it would be that getting involved is so worth it. Not everyone has the capacity to become a foster parent, but you can volunteer, organize, and donate. No amount of time or energy or heart is too little!

Kim comes with many years of experience in church ministry. She attended Bible College in California and graduated with a degree in Biblical Studies and a certificate in Marriage and Family Counseling. She has used this degree to teach children of all ages and enjoys spending time with kids.

The military brought her family to Corpus Christi in 2015. Kim has been married to her husband Alex since 2007 and they have 3 children and 3 dogs together. They fostered and adopted two of their children and they are such a testimony of what God can do when we simply say yes.

Kim Morales

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