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Gratitude: Land, Partnerships, Respite Care, and You

There is much to be thankful for and we lean on God's timing and provisions to guide us. Here are few reasons we are grateful.

1. Land

Fellowship of Oso Creek, the church we've worshipped and found community in for the past 10 years, is considering donating a portion of their land to Agape Ranch. The church owns 20 acres of land and the church is prayerfully considering the donation of a little over 8 acres of usable land to Agape Ranch. Agape Ranch made a short presentation to the church body on January 31st. There will be Q&A with the Elders and Agape Ranch on February 17 and 21 for anyone at the church who might have questions. Please pray for those conversations.

2. Partnerships

Corpus Christi Baptist Association has agreed to partner with Agape Ranch. Anson Nash, their Executive Director, has introduced Agape Ranch to many pastors and Christian business owners in the Coastal Bend area. We were a part of a Missions Fair of a local church in January and we have another one coming up at a different church this month. Please pray for productive conversations and church partnerships.

3. Respite Care

Adoption and Foster Care Alliance, the ministry of Agape Ranch, along with CPS trained 27 Respite Care Providers for foster parents in January. It was such a blessing for us to see so many step up to meet the need of our fostering community. Respite Care Providers often function as life lines for foster parents to prevent burn-out. They are State certified and can provide childcare so that foster parents can go on date nights, visit family out-of-state, go on a weekend getaways, run to the grocery store, etc. They are life-lines, I tell you! What a blessing to have them join the AFCA Respite Care Team!

4. You

Thank you for your continual support through prayer and finances. We are so grateful for YOU!

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