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Land for Agape Ranch!

Two years ago, Tim and I began a conversation with a couple who love the Lord and love God's children. They were not wanting to sell their land, but wanted to listen to what God is doing in our city. We spent a fun filled Easter Sunday with them, which included egg hunting for our children, and parted ways. We continued to look for land with a few prospects, but hurdles prevented anything from coming to fruition.

One morning in the summer of 2016, I sat with the Lord in prayer, asking Him to release Agape Ranch towards it's next steps. It's during that time the Lord placed the names of the landowners from two years ago into my mind. I hesitated and thought, "They were not interested in selling their land." However, the impression remained. From past experiences, I've learned obeying God's whispers always work out better than ignoring them, but I can be really hard headed. God must have sent one of His more convincing angels to whack me over the head because in spite of my doubts, I decided to listen.

After contacting a friend who knew the landowners, she helped to set up a second introduction. To find out, their daughter who lives in Europe and the main person who can make decisions on the land just happened to be visiting them that week. We sat with them and shared the vision of Agape Ranch with the family once again.

Then, their son, who also lives in Europe and the other person who can make decisions on the land just happened to visit a few weeks later. We met with him and the couple once again, sharing, dreaming, and praying about how God wants to lead Agape Ranch for His orphaned and most vulnerable children in our community.

It is through these events and many more where God's hand and timing were perfectly displayed. Within few weeks, they decided to support Agape Ranch by donating the land. At the end of December, donation of eight acres for the purposes of proving high-quality care for orphaned and foster children was finalized. It just happened.... Okay, not really. Not really, at all. God's will be done.

We are so thankful to our Lord and the donor family as we look forward to what God will continue to do for His children. Pray with us as we fundraise, submit grants, look for networking opportunities, and continue to step forward in faith. What God has started, He will carry into completion.

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